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1. Taj-ud-din-YILDIZ. 609-611 AD. at Ghazni.

Governor at kirman. Pretended as Mohd successor, but driven out by alloudin mohd Khwarazm shah * on back-

2. Mohd Ghori alias muizz-ud-Din Mohd I Bin Sam 569-603 AH. -119-1206AD He came from North-west region of Afganistan from a place called GHOR He invaded India nine times. In Benares he desroyed more than 1000 temples, took away 4000 camels laden with treasure.

3. Firuz shah 3 Tughlug. 753-790 AH. authour of many schemes on Agruculture. He founded many many (canals) towns Firuzabad, Hissar, Jaunpur, Firuzpur introudced marriage and employment Bureau's Delhi-Dar-ul-Fath- type 2 Gani

4. After Uptpala- kidara kartota dynasty issued con is goddessseated is 2 kundalas and seated king and kundsalas replaced by inscription later 1089-1101. Harsha in karshmir. Rare ruler good VF+coin.

5. Razia-Jalalat-ud-din Raziya 634-637 AH.

Iltutmish Raziya was enthroned as queen of sultan she aroused resentment for appointment of J...Yakub to post of master of Horse. Small Razia

Hindi Letter very Rare. Jital- Horseman type-& Bull"Tomara"

6. Jaunpur Mohamud shah 861-863 AH. Only ruled for one year. Old name Bhukan and was blood thirsty 1/2 tanka Abu-al-fathah type. comm. victory.

7. Mulwa. near Narmada river on south Bundel kand on east chambal, Gujarat as its boundaries. Here one more Ghori ruled as viceroy of Delhi. Declared independence in 1392 AD. Here love affair with Rani Rupmati is suttan Baj Bahadur took place in 1555AD.

Shihabud-in-Mohd 2-1510-30AD-916-37AH. as sultan-bin 1/4 tanka. During coronation he marched ub 700 elephants asrsuttan type with great pump.

8. Malwa-Allau-ud-ddin Mohd shah I Greatest of all kings of Nalwa 840-73AH- Shadiabad Dar-ul-muk 1/2 Tankla New type on back. Uncatalogued. Abu-al-muzaffar type- RARE

9. Shihab-ud-doulah MQudud.443-442AH.

One year hense rare-and Defeated by Mahipala 3.1gm Siliver Abu-fath/shihab-ud-doulah/wa Qutb-al millat/maudud. around

Zarbhizza-add irham ba-lahore aruba-wa thalathin wa arba mayah. Hindu culture.

Bull is orraments an it TRISHUL. Rare

Hindi Letter over bull. Moudua.

10. Husam-ud-din Hosangshah 808-838 AH. He was onnce taken prisionar by muzaffar I of Gujarat and later released. 1/2 Tanka sahadiabad Dar-u-mulk. 4.2 gm

11. Narir-ud-doula Qubacha. 1203-1228AD. governor of Vchh of Ghori. in 1203 AD. married Aibak daughter declared.

11. Independence ruled sIND & Punjab. Iltamish ceptured fort in 1228AD end Qubacha drowned himself at fort of Bhakhar sir Hamira in sarda Language 6 pointed star between the legs of horse-3.3gm Delhiwala Typet.

12. Izz-ud-doulam. Abd-ur-Rashid. 442-445.

Depoese his nwphew a great schokrd thelogy. Only issued coin Rare Diorham. 3.1gm. dot on Jhula. Srisamanta in sarada L\language name in Arabuc. is 2 dots below name.

13. Narsir-ud-din Khusrushah. AH 720- Kusru was chief minister at mubarak. Killed by Gazimalik alias Ghiyassuddin Tugulk Shah ------ Amir al - mominin type Rare - 561. GANI.

14. Yaminids AD 962-1186. A turkish slave rebelled in 962 AD first to carry banner of Islam to India DIRHAM - 3.2 gm Sarada. Sri samanthdeva- Nasir-ud-doulah Ibrahim.

15. Shihab-ud-din Mohmud Shah 2 1/2 Tanka X 4gm/15A

16. Nasiruddin Qubacha Shah ----------------------

17. Balbab-Giyassuddin Balbah salva of IHamush (purchased in 1233AD later ascended throne. his son Bughrakhan become viceroy of Beyat. Bilingual coin RARE. 664 to 686 AH.

18. Jalal-uddin Firozshah 2 kiliji 689-695 Turkish Tribe Throned at Kilokhri Nemed city shar-i-nav New city 11/2 Gani Sultan al-azam 3.8 to 4.2gm.

19. ---- Narwar Malaya verma of Prathihara Dynasty 1223-33AD All coins have shahi coins style. but malayavarma coins have horseman motif.

Nagari Inscription on back clear coin.Rare.-----

20. Issued in the name of KHALIFAS- Six foil scalloped circle. AHMED-al-abbas- abu type. TANKA Silver 9.2 gm ----coin of Fakhr-ud-udin mohd 3 bin Tuglua Shah. 725-752 AH. He transfered his capital from Delhi to Davlatabad, introduced froced coinage and coinage and coin reforms which encouaged in forery in large scale.

21. Iltamish shamsud-ddin. 607-633 AH built Qutbminar in Honour of Khwaja Qutbuddin Bakhtyar kakid ush. Iltamish is a slave king and made coin reforms lingam of mahakali temple of vjjain was buried at the fort built of Red stone.

22. Baj Bahadur famous for his love story in Rani 963- Roopmati. Even now famous in mandu region 963AD romantic stores great lover of music. Reformed metrology. 3.5gm, 7,13,5 (6.8) 13.6800 mind shadibad urfmandu.

23. Giyaz shah. He spent aa luxurious life for sensvel pleasures he has an haremat 15000 wamen ruied for 34 years 873-906 AH.

small win. Flower. Rare uncetalogued.type - Allah Akbar ya.

24. Shemsuddin Iltumush 607-633 built Qutb miner in 1231-32. This is rare coin struck as suzarien of chahada Deva of Narwer Hindi over bull type.

25. Jilaluddin firuz shah 2 689-695AH.

firuzd Turkish tribe crowned at kiloletri- named it shahri-i-Nav.New city. He plundered Deugir. Bilingual Type. Rare-

26. Mohd Tugluk 3 Kalifa at Hakm. 2

Ahmed al Abbar ali type-quatrefoil.

Scalloped- design-Tanka-

27. Giyasddin Balben Shah. 664-686-ABD -------

28. Allauddin mohd shah.2 695-715AH. His dreem to be prophet, to be Alexander. Abu-al-muzaffur type. GANI-.

EK I ;;Half AIN in the Arch of Charminar first floor. This is the 400 year of structure built on Lion motarof multiple stories still intact without any damage. This is the only big monument in South India built of limestone with the assistance of Persian builders. You will see many lime structures and residential houses with tall roofs in which the soldiers used to get training of March pass on horse back. This is the first building constructed to divert the construction in the old city of Golconda. The city of new Hyderabad was given a title farkunda Dunyan there were few coins minted on the name of Farkunda Dunyad seen them with the name of mint in my auctions.

IKSvakus coin lead from AP sankrit users,after satavahanas they ruled andhra regionminted pure lead coins in the world for first time during that time they ruled from 227AD,founder vasistaputra sri Camutamala offshoots of satavahana rare coin

Gulab Singh Kashmir KI

Kashmir was earlier part of Afganishtan during Durreni period 1752- 1890 A.D. and was under Sikh rulers of Punjab from 1819-1846. Gulab Singh ruled from 1903-1913 V.S.

Mohammad in Tuglak only commarative coin issued as Shaeed type. The coin is of 8.7 grams and the value of the coin is 1 tanka. Tuglak wanted to reform the system of coinage in the footsteps of Kalifa and issued brass coins in place of gold which was an utter flop. He also changed his capital from Delhi to Duolatabad which made him think people that he was mad.


Akbar square coin little bigger than other coins are Fatherpur of regular usage of this coin 1.8/1.9 with Kalima and the titles of Akbar all crowded in a small space. The bigger size of the coins are very rare to get


Bharatpur is famous for the birds and santacuary and the coins of Bharatpur are very rare. This coin was issued in 1171 V.H in name of Shalam II with a mint mark of Dagar little different from Bundi Dagar. Bharatpur has another name as Brag Indrapur. Bharatpur was founded by Balachand a Jat ruler in 1756 and was in good terms with Marata rulers.

EK 5

Islam Shah the father of Sheh shah suri


Farrukhabhud the coin is of big size of Amagnagar repi issued in the name of Shalam 2 the rulers of Farukahbhud are from Afganisthan and they founded the dynasty in 1714 by Mohammad Khan to us the Governor of Allahabad and Malwa. The dynasty of Farukabad short lived and only few coins were issued with the name of this city. It became a trabetary of our and was later given as a gift to british the Nawab nazid of our. The coins of Farukabad are issued as Dhurani coins Bengal Presidency and Afganisthan so this multiple visiting of this coin makes this very rare.

EK 7

Hyderabad half anna with Togra of Usman Ali Pasha with year 1332 A.H. flower the speciality of the coin is blank back there is no inscription what so ever on the back and it is on the plane surface. We never come across such a coin.

EK 8

Assam coin in the name of queen Ambica 1 rupee Sri Rudrasimha 8 angled coin very rare with regnal year 10 at the right bottom of the coin the condition of the coin is almost UNC and it is very rare. Only few coins issue regnal year on the coin which makes it a double rearity.

EK 9

coin of 10 penny 1909 with court of arm and crown over the eagle of German issue under Willhelm II 1909 without any alphabet not catalogue without alphabet.

EK 10

Jammu coin of 5 penny 1906 with court of arm and crown over the eagle of German issue under Willhelm II 1906 without any alphabet not catalogue without alphabet.

Ek 11

Hyderabad half coin rupee coin with Charminar 1335


Half AIN in the Arch of Charminar first floor. This is the 400 year of structure built on Lion motarof multiple stories still intact without any damage. This is the only big monument in South India built of limestone with the assistance of Persian builders. You will see many lime structures and residential houses with tall roofs in which the soldiers used to get training of March pass on horse back. This is the first building constructed to divert the construction in the old city of Golconda. The city of new Hyderabad was given a title farkunda Dunyan there were few coins minted on the name of Farkunda Dunyad seen them with the name of mint in my auctions.

Ek 13

IF four anna coin of Akbar in silver. The fraction coins of all regions are very rare and this coin is also a rare one. This coin is called a Charan and the catalague of this coin is 100 dollars. This coin was issued only in Lahore and Urdu Zafarquarin T55.

EK 15

East India Company coin of 1 rupee Y 678 A 215 A.H. machine struck with plain A.H. and fine letters in beautiful condition.

EK 16A

Silver coin of Tibet Ga-den Tangka mint is not known but one of the Y 13 varieties.

EK 17

Khushwan with sword in the name of Shalam II. This coin is called as Padisha coin which is very rare. Padisha was rarely used by any ruler. The condition of the coin is very rare you can buy this coin only for the word Padisha.

EK 18

Abul Hassan Tanisha the ruler of Golconda who is associated with the building of Badrachalam of Rama temple and there is a mythological story in which Lord Rama came in to the dream and gave 10,000 gold varahas to release Ramadas who built for the temple of Lord Rama with the money of the Subeda treasury. Recently one film was relised based on this story by the name of Sri Ramadasu. Abula Tanisha ruled 1083-1098 A.H. and was conquerred by Aurangazib in 1098 A.H.

Bengal Presidency

EK 21

East India Company 1 rupee plain edge of Farukabad mint with orginal luster very rare to get this condition R Y 41

EK 22

Jaifalmak 1 rupee coin of 1 rupee 1153 A.H. with 22 regnal year in the name of queen Victoria Y4 rupee. The weight of the coin is 1.70-11.6 grams this coin is a bit difference in the back side regnal year 22 with nuon having 5 dots and something like a fan along with upper line completely different with many square dots 1756-1860 A.D.?

Ek 23

French India coin with English P in silver 1/5th of the rupee called as fanam in good condition with three dots at the beginning line ofP on the back the coin isof center with blank space on both sides may be an error of minting we rarely see such clear an shifted coin with nice letters almost mint.These coin were minted at Karikal south of Pondicherry of South East Coast. It was proceded to france in 1739. Some coins were minted at POndicherry in the later period. This coin is very rare and in AU condition was rare seen in the market.

EK 24

Indore the coin of quarter anna from INDORE was an error. We rarely come across this type of error. One side of coin is minted with orginal die on the back we see the mirror image of the orginal coin that means negative divorce use for printing this coin may be to test the coin a patttern or what else we don't know. one side of the coin was impressed on the coin which makes the die for making orginal coins. Hence this is the one of the rarest of all coins.

EK 25

Small copper coin of 1/4 dam with the mint of farkunda duniya.

EK 26

Firuzhah Tuglak 752- 790 A.H. Firuzshah forced to ascend thrown when Mohammad III died in Sindh. He was famous for agricultural schemes the traces of canals he dug was still usable. Firuzabad, Fathabad, Hissar, Firuzpur, And Jaunpur were the towns founded by him. Firuz, for the welfare of his subjects, introduced Marriage and Employment Bureaus. The reign of Firuz closes the most brilliant epoch of Muslim rule in India before the reign of Akbar.


Babar the founder of Mogul dynasty. The coins are very rare and we never see the copper coin of Badbar which is very rare than silver coin. One silver coin is visited shortly. Babar came from Timur. His full name is Zahirudin Mohammad Babur. He first captured Kabul in 1504 samar khan in 1511 and 1511 and fought a big battle at panipar in April 1526 defeating Ibrahim Loading Babar died in 1530 A.D.

EK 28

Sherqi rulers of Janpur Mohammad Shah he ruled only for one year in 862 A.H. in the coins of his tenure was very rare. 1 coin is of half tanka was catalogue and we have a rare big copper tanka which is uncatalogue and very rare. The earlier name of Mohammad shah is Bhikan he became violent and blood thirsty and was killed by his brother Husen at Kanaug. The big coin is Amirlauni type issued in the name of Kalifa with his title Kaladata on one side.

EK 29

Aadivaraha a silver coin issued by Bhuma tuns you can clearly see the neck hands, legs and other parts clearly on one side of the coin and a rectangular slabe with buddhist. Incence table and few dots were clearly seen in a rectangular base. We rarely come across such a coin in such a beautiful condition and this is very rare.

The coin of Indore with potrait of the king Maharaja Eshwants Rao Kolkar H with his medals and ribbons all clearly seen on the coin. The denomination of the coin is Pavana with 1992 year Vikram Sambhat.

Tibet copper coin is of 2.5, skr of SHO- SHRANG issue similar to KONG park tanka issues. The coin has lion looking upwards with mekyal mint and the value of the coin is SHO.

East India Co., coin with Bengal Presidency year 1833 one quater anna with moguls scaks very rare.

Bansvara Coin one paisa coin of copper. The location of Bansvara is north west India there were related with Maharawalas sisuodiya and Dongapur Raj puts. They were against the Marata rulers. They made a treaty with British in 1818. The coin belongs to one of this rulers Lakshman singh 1862- 1905 Shambu singh 1905-1920.


Tin coins were only issued by Denmark and Portugal but we get coins of portugal only. Denmark coins were never seen here is an example of few lead coins which came from an old collector of 19th century family. The thin coins were issued in the valley of RODA SOLDA only. One coin was issued in the value of Dinhero. The Dinhiro coins were issued during the period of 1521 - 1577 with a wolded cross and an astrolobe on one side came km 14 - 17. The second coin is 2 bazara cos issued in the year 1706, 1750, with a cross and an astrolog. The third coin is very clear with an astrolog and a line bisected by cross. This variety is not catalogued and the fourth coin is of three rodas of 1706-1750 with Kota arms with divided concentric circles.

Ahmad II coin ;2/3 of gani dated 838-862 A.D.

Allaudin Ahmad shah was a man of govenance and he looked after a social welfare of the people in his region was still remember in a Duccan. He built a big hospital in a Bidar and provided free medical services to every one but he was addicted to liqour which made him unpopular and weakend his empire.